PUBG game download in jio phone free

PUBG game download in jio phone free

Many peoples are showing that they are playing PUBG on their JIO phone. I saw a lot of photos and youtube videos that are showing PUBG Mobile on the JIO phone. 

PUBG is an online battle royale game for Android and iOS. PUBG required a high specification device to run it smoothly and you also need a good internet connection to enjoy it properly. 

Wait but if you are looking for the answer that you can play PUBG on Jio pone so it has two answers yes and No.

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PUBG in Jio phone 1- It's impossible to play PUBG in Jio's phone. The reason we have discussed below.  

PUBG in Jio phone 2- Jio Phone 2 is also the same as the Jio phone 2 and same as previous one this 

PUBG in Jio phone 3- Jio Phone 3 is a smartphone and it has the android operating system in it. SO it is possible to play PUBG mobile in it. 

PUBG is not a browser game so you can't play it online on any browser. If someone provides this game on the browser so it is not official.  

PUBG game download in Jio phone

The reason why PUBG can't run on Jio phone

  • Officially launch- PUBG is not officially launched for Jio's phone. so you can't play it on Jio's phone.
  • Size- The size of PUBG mobile is greater than the total storage of Jio phone.
  • Android- Jio phone has not the Android operating system in it. Jio phone based on KaiOS and there is no chance to play PUBG on this operating system until it gets released specially for KaiOS. 
  • Not Browser game- PUBG is not a browser game so you also can not play it online on the browser.

Here are some reasons why you can not lay PUBG on Jio phone-

1. Minimum requirement of PUBG doesn't match with Jio phones' specifications

  • PUBG Mobile required Android 4.3 or higher android version and even there is no Android version of Jio. So there is no chance to play PUBG on Jio phone unless it does not release separately for Jio phone. 
  • PUBG Mobile Required at least 2 GB of RAM and 2GB of memory space to run it. But it is not enough to play it smoothly and on high graphics. You required at least 4 GB of Ram and a good processor to play this game without any lag issue.
  • Operating System- The Operating System of JIO phone is KaiOS and PUBG is not available on this platform. It is available for Android, iOS.  

2. Screen size

Jio Phone has a very small screen you cant see enemies with a small screen. Jio Phone has a 2.4-inch screen. It isn't possible to enjoy PUBG in small screen resolution. 

It is difficult to spot enemies and other objects on a small screen. There are a lot of issues to play a 3D game on a small screen.

3. Control

Let us suppose you can play PUBG in Jio's phone but here we have a more issue and that is how can we control PUBG character with buttons. 

As we all know that PUBG is not easy to play in Android if the smartphone screen size is low because all controls are close in a small screen size phone so it becomes a little difficult to control the player. 

In Jio's phone, there is no touch screen so it is not possible to play PUBG as we play in Smartphones. 

So how they are showing PUBG in Jio phone?

PUBG game download in Jio phone
If you search PUBG on Jio phone on youtube so you will get a lot of fake videos that claim to do so. They are playing PUBG on their Jio phone.  

So we all think it may possible to play PUBG on Jio phone but the reality is very far. IF we can't play PUBG in Jio phone so how they are showing PUBG on their Jio phone. 

1. They have downloaded the PUBG Mobile gameplay on 360p  and playing this video and acting like they are playing the game in actual. 

2. They are playing PUBG mobile gameplay videos on Youtube or any other video sharing platform. 


There is no way to play PUBG on Jio's phone. Wait it's possible but only on Jio phone 3 because it has an Android Operating system and touch screen. Jio Phone 3 is the same as other smartphones.

If you see any video claiming that they are playing PUBG on Jio Phone. So it may be a fake or unofficial way. 

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