How to add friends in Valorant-request not sent fixed

How to add friends in Valorant-request not sent fixed

Valorant is the multiple tactical FPS shooter game. Valorant is developed by Riot Games. It is the latest game from riot games and it is not officially launched but its best version is launched in India so that gamers can enjoy its beta version. 

How to download its beta version that we will tell you later, before that we will discuss more about it. 

Valorant has built the planet crazy concerning itself at this time. It's solely in the beta version currently in India but it's attracting a lot of & a lot of crowds every day.

For now, this game is on the market in selective countries solely, but sadly it isn't on the market in the Republic of India at once. So, if you would like to understand a way to transfer Valorant. Then stay connected with us until the end.

How to add friends in Valorant?

Today I'm gonna show you how to add friends and valent that way if you do get whitelist and you're getting you could add your friends quickly and start playing right now.

Valorant becomes more fun with friends. It looks more amazing when you are shooting enemy and your friends are with you. Valiant is made to lat with friends. It is best if your friends are with you. 

Valorant has an option to add friends and they can play with you. I will tell you how to add friends to Valorant. Itis is very easy to do. 

Follow these steps to add friends in valorant-

1. On here basically, you're just gonna log in and when you're logged in you'll see this on the side if you're minimized like this just go ahead and click inside and it'll open up for you. 

2. Click on the search button. 

3. Next, you would enter the riot ID this is the login ID this is not your display name.

4. Now your email address either the one used to login and it could be the same so with this, for example, and then I would go ahead and hit plus and it would send a friend request to that person. 

They will accept your request when they will online. It is easy to add friends on Valorant but some people find it a little confusing so we make this to solve this problem.   

Valorant Minimum requirement

Valorant is not a high specs game. If you want to run it on 30 FPS then you need a minimum of-
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 1 GB Video Card

What is valorant available on

Currently, Valorant is available only for WINDOWS PC. Like other games, you can play it multiplayer with different online players. It could come on another platform like PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo but it is not officially announced.  

Is valorant free in India? 

Yes, it is freely available for WINDOWS PC. You can easily get it by following three steps that are given below. Riot games give it free to the PC gamers and it is official version is not currently available but you can download and play its beta version.
How to add friends in Valorant-request not sent fixed

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