Youtube vs TikTok- Honest comparison

Youtube vs TikTok- Honest comparison

YouTube vs tiktok
We are going to compare two different platforms and that is YouTube and TikTok. We will discuss all major and minor points and give an honest review. We will tell you which is(YouTube vs TikTok) and the legendry platform and why?

Most asked questions on TikTok vs YouTube-

1. What is TikTok and Why it's so popular?

TikTok is a short social media app where you can upload short videos. A lot of people using this for entertainment purposes only. Tiktok is an only entertaining app there is no other thing to do. 

2. What is YouTube and Why it's so popular?

Youtube is a video sharing platform where you can upload videos and there is no limit in the length of videos. A lot of users can use it for many purposes like entertained, education, business, etc.

3. Who is a very popular YouTuber or TikToker?

First I want to tell you the definition of popularity. "The state and condition liked and supported by many people". Your views are not your popularity. 

YouTube is very popular in the world because there is no other platform to compete with it. It has all good quality that should be in a video sharing platform. It takedown copied content and not promote violation.  

4. Why TikTokers are getting more views than a Youtubers?

Because short video takes less time and viewers can cover maximum videos in less time while on YouTube it is not easy to get views. 

In TikTok, anyone can watch someone's video but in the case of Youtube, the only subscriber watches their videos, in the case of small Youtuber only a few people watch unsubscribed people, they need to struggle for each view.  
YouTube vs TikTok

Youtube vs TikTok- Comparison

Active users(Monthly)

Active users is a good way to compare the power or reach of these two platforms. Youtube has 2Billion monthly active users and that's a very big number. Youtube has a very big audience. A lot of creators are on Youtube. Youtube gives a monetization for all creators to make some money from its platform.

TikTok is not famous as Youtube it has 5 Million Monthly users. TikTok is only made to entertain people. You ill never see logical or knowledge videos, it's very rare to find logical or creative videos on TikTok. 

There is No monetization in TikTok so there is no option to earn from TikTok.


YouTube- YouTube has a big amount of content and different content categories.  

TikTok- There is only also a huge amount of content but that belongs to the only entertainment category. 

Platform versatile

YouTube- If you are on YouTube and watching a video category then you can switch it to another category.  

TikTok- TikTok does not have platform versatility, if you are watching an entertainment video then you cant switch it with others because it has only a single category. 


Youtube- There are a lot of categories on youtube, and that is why YOube us vast and popular. It covers all major categories of videos. Let us take some examples of top video categories of Youtube Video- Entertainment, education, workout, kitchen, Movie, Show, Gaming, NEWS, Fashion, Music, etc. 

TikTok- You will get to see mostly Entertaining videos and that are really entertaining. 
Youtube vs Tiktok

Purpose of Use

YouTube- Basically it is not the same for different peoples. As I mentioned YouTube is a big platform and it covers a lot of video categories so the purpose of the use is different for all.  2 Billion people use it for educational purposes, entertainment, to learn, to solve the problem, and many other purposes. 

Mostly came here for entertainment and a lot of came here to fix their queries, like "How to fix lag in PUBG" is one of the most searched keywords.   

TikTok- The majority of the audience ca her for entertainment, not the majority but all because there is no other content.

Effort behind Content

Youtube- YouTube has very good quality video content and from here we can see the effort done to make that video. You will see a lot of videos with the best video editing.    
Tiktok- TikTok has also good video quality. But there is very little creativity and video editing than YouTube.  
Youtube vs TikTok

Downloads and Rating

YouTube- YouTube has 5 Billion plus downloads on Play store. It is a very big number. People rated this 4.1 on play store. 

TikTok- TikTok has 1 Billion plus download on play store. It is very less than YouTube but people rated this 4.5 on Playstore and this is a great achievement for TikTok. 


YouTube- Its a very big platform and everybody has it. It has 2 Billion monthly users. It is very popular a lot of brands came here to brad their products. 

TikTok- It's not very popular as YouTube but has millions of monthly users. A lot of jobless and free people use it to do time pass. 

Audience age

YouTube- YouTube has a big audience and in a different number of age groups. A 10-year-old child also plays YouTube and 80 years old also. Youtube has a variety of content for all age groups like children can use Youtube children for more fun, adults can watch anything that they want, and the old aged person can watch 

YouTube User Percentage by Age 
18-24 – 11% 
25-34 – 23% 
35-44 – 26% 
45-54 – 16% 
55-64 – 8% 
65+ – 3% 
unknown age – 14%.  

TikTok- A lot of Tiktok's audience age is 10-20-year-old children. A rare old people use TikTok because there is nothing for them. They know what is going there. No old aged person is interested in TikTok. TikTok has the only limited type of content which not all people like to watch. 

TikTok User Percentage by Age
16-24- 41%
24 above- 59% 
Youtube vs TikTok

Creator's age

YouTube- There is a lot of creator on Youtube with different age group. Adult to old every category found on Youtube  

TikTok- Mostly creators of TikTok belong to the age group of 15-30.


YouTube- It is a very respected platform because it provides great content to the users and pays money to the creators. 

TikTok- It is also a respected platform but not as YouTube. It does not pay to the creators on which it is fully dependent.

Final Conclusion

I think both platforms are really good but YouTube is excellent. YouTube is the best place to find talented people in the world. It made popular a lot of creators of each field. It organizes the YouTube fan fest where a lot of people can meet with their favorite creators. 

TikTok is just an entertaining app. You will get nothing than entertainment. It is best for time to pass only. A lot of creators made some funny short videos to entertain us but they don't get anything except a like from TikTok.    

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