Getting Over It free apk download Android

Getting Over It free apk download Android

Getting Over It free apk download Android
Hello, guys, we are here to provide apk of Getting over it for Android. It is a very popular game. It is paid on PlayStore. But you can download Getting over it is free for Android and iOS. It is very popular nowadays. 

I will tell you how to download Getting over it in Free for Android. It is very easy to do but you need to take care of somethings that I mentioned below in the article.   

Getting Over it is really interesting but I know you will be annoying when it slips from hill again and again. It is really good to play and its graphics are very simple been its gameplay is very simple but it is difficult to complete. 

Getting Over It Android Free Download

Getting over it is also available for Android and iOS. You can download it from the play store or app store for both platforms. It is a very interesting game. You have to reach the mountain's top if you fall s there is no checkpoint to start. 

Play Getting over it on your responsibility. It's not easy to play like other games. Getting Over It will harden as your progress. 

You can download it from here in free for Android. Don not on internet connection after installing this game if you don't turn off internet connection then it will never run in your device.  

Getting Over It Gameplay

Getting Over It free apk download Android
Getting Over It is revolving around the man who is stuck in a cauldron and he has a rock climbing hammer.  Use the hammer to climb the mountain and move. 

There is no checkpoint in this game if you slip from mountain then it will your big mistake. So be careful while playing this game.  

The game will increase the difficulty as you reach the mountain top. It will end when the player reaches the top of the mountain and then he will enter in space. 

At the end, a message asks players if they are recording the gameplay. if they are not, the game gives entrance to a chatroom populated by other players who have completed the game.

Getting over it Details

Version- 1.9.2
Category- Arcade
Published Date- 27-March-2018 
File Size: 25 MB + 97 MB
Required Android Version- 5.0 or higher.

How to download Getting Over It in Android?

  1. Click on the redirect link to reach the destination link. (Skip this)
  2. Click on the download button to download the game.
  3. Extract the OBB file.
  4. Put the OBB file in the ANDROID/OBB folder of your device.
  5. Install the game and keep your internet connection off.
  6. Now you can enjoy Getting Over it In your Mobile.
Note- Don't open it with internet connection on to avoid "game not purchased" error. 


Getting Over It unblocked download for Free. Download and enjoy this game for free. 

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