Apps like TikTok- Top 9 Best alternatives for TikTok

Apps like TikTok- Top 9 Best alternatives for TikTok

Apps like tiktok
Hello guys, today we gonna tell you Top 7 Best TikTik alternative apps that offer the same or better feature of TikTok. 

TikTok is facing a lot of controversies and it will ban in India soon and that is due to its content. If its ban in India then we feel bad for talented people who were doing good on TikTok. 

We will show you apps like TikTok which are better than TikTok. Some of them are trending in Europe and Asia. 

Best Apps like TikTok

  1. Vidstatus
  2. Triller
  3. Kwai
  4. Vigo
  5. Zoomerang
  6. Funimate
  7. Noiz
  8. Like
  9. Dubsmash

1. Vidstatus

AS we are getting from its name it is a Free Whatsapp video status app. It is similar to TikTok and it supports 15 Indian local languages. You will download status videos. You will get to see free TikTok filters and features free.

VidStauts is the best Similar app to TikTok. It is one of the best free status downloader apps to edit, create videos like TikTok. In this app, you can watch the free Indian video status of new Bollywood songs. 

Features of vidstatus-
  • A free app like TikTok
  • Different Video Status
  • Share to different platforms
  • New Filters
  • All Features of TikTok
  • Status maker
  • All-new songs

2. Triller

Triller is another app similar to TikTok. It is an entertainment platform where you can make videos like TikTok. It is a social video community where you can connect with the world. Make a similar content as you were making on TikTok.

Make professional-looking videos in a click. It is very similar to the TikTok app. It has similar features to TikTok. The maximum f filter is the same as TikTok and some of them are better than TikTok. 

Edit your video with filters, drawing, text, and many stickers. You can make a video of trending music. Select music from your library or pick it from this app. 

Features of Triller-
  • New 100+ Filters
  • All-New Music
  • Create professional-looking videos
  • Collab with friends
  • Share 

3. Kwai

Kwai is another app similar to TikTok. It has all features of TikTok in it. Kwai works the same as TikTok and the same as TikTok you can make videos here. Kwai has the best beauty tools to make your video better.

Kwai has motion sensing, rain, selfie transformation, and many more feature like TikTok. It has a different template that will help you to turn your photo into a beautiful photo. 

Same as TikTok it also has a big collection of music to make your video more beautiful. You can edit yourself in videos. Make trending videos to become more famous in less time. 

Features of Kwai-
  • Different stickers
  • Motion sensing Magic
  • All Features of TikTok
  • Lip sync
  • Great Collection of New Songs
  • Share on different Platform

4. Vigo

Vigo video is the same as TikTok. Same features of TikTok in it. Vigo video is a short social network where you can share your videos with your friends. Make short videos and become professional.

Vigo provides the same features of TikTok in it. It has a lot of filters in it to make your video more beautiful and attractive. Its camera automatically makes your face beautiful and fit it into the video.  

Vigo has a good collection of music in it to make your video beautiful. It will help you to promote your video and let the people watch your videos. 

Features of Vigo- 
  • All features of TikTok
  • All-new Features
  • New Trending Songs
  • Motion sensing Feature
  • Make professional feature

5. Zoomerang

Zoomerang is the video-sharing platform the same as TikTok. It has a tutorial that will show you how to use it. It will help you to make a video like TikTok with music. It has 100+ tutorials to make a professional video like TikTok.

No sign in required make video on this platform. Just download and make videos like TikTok. AS TikTok it also has a different filter to make the video more attractive.  

You can share videos on TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and other video platforms. You will get to see 100+ special effects to make your video more attractive. Just add special filters and music in your video and become popular.  

Features of Zoomerang-
  • New Effects
  • Make professional videos
  • Tutorial to make video
  • Same as TikTok
  • Free to use
  • New stickers

6. Funimate

Funimate is the best video maker or video editor for TikTok and other video sharing platforms. Funimate is the best app to make short funny videos. You can put music in the video and can share it on different platforms.

Funimate has a lot of features to make funny videos like TikTok. Use different special effects to make your video more creative and attractive. 

Easily share your videos on different platforms and become popular in youth. Funimate world same as TikTok and it has the same features as TikTok.

Features of Funimate-
  • Add col video effects
  • Make professional videos
  • Create your own effect
  • Same as Tiktok
  • Video cut, merge, trim
  • Make stickers

7. Noizz

Noizz is the same as the TikTok. It is the best app like TikTok and it has all features of TikTok. Itis a very popular video sharing platform in Brazil. Make some funny, sports, daily updates, news, enjoy videos with Noizz.

You will get to see all features of TikTok in it. It is very popular and works as a TikTok. Make funny videos and share it with different social media and become a favorite of your friends. 

Make a fun video with different templates and with different premium features. Noizz is the same as the TikTok and it also has some features of TikTok in it. Download Noizz and enjoy the same platform as TikTok for free. 

Features of TikTok-
  • Customize like pro
  • Make attractive videos
  • Use different sticker
  • Same as TikTok
  • New songs
  • New effects

8. Like

Like app is the best app to make short videos. It is a special effect short video editor all like TikTok. It has all fractures of TikTok in it. Use a thousand stickers and magic filters to make your video professional. 

Share your videos with your friends and become popular in your friend's circle. Like app has all filters to make your video professional. It gives a professional look to your videos and makes better. 

The app looks like TikTok and has more than one million users in it. It has a live video broadcast & social community to gather different creators over the world. It is the best alternative to the TikTok app. 

Features of Like-
  • New effects
  • Same as TikTok
  • Great Collection of New Songs
  • Smart Features
  • Video debugging

9. Dubsmash

Dubsmash is also a short video sharing platform as TikTok. It is also a good option for users. It is the best platform to make lip sync videos of music, quotes, and movies like TikTok. 

Join different challenges in this app and become a popular celebrity. It has the same feature as TikTok in it. Make videos with different peoples and become more popular. 

Dubsmash has a lot of filters to make your video better and attractive. Make dub videos and add a caption to your video and share it to different platforms. It is the best alternative to TikTok. All features of TikTok are in it.  

Features of Dubsmash-
  • All New Trending Features
  • Same as TikTok
  • New effects
  • Share option to share on different platforms
  • Make Dub videos
  • Make dancing lisping videos

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