Top 9 free app to learn spanish in 30 days

Top 9 free app to learn spanish in 30 days

app to learn spanish
Hello, guys today I gonna tell you Top apps that will help you to learn the Spanish language. It does not matter you are a beginner or professional these apps will teach you Spanish fro the beginning. 

Over 400 Million people speak Spanish worldwide. 21 countries ahs Spanish language as an official language. It is one of the beautiful languages and it is also called the Romance language.

So let's check all Apps to learn Spanish.

How to learn Spanish online

There are a lot of ways to learn Spanish Languages online. In today's world, we have a lot of opportunities to learn something from the internet. A lot of tools are available on the internet to learn something. 

To learn Spanish online we have a lot of options like
1. Buy Spanish Language online Course
3. Learn Spanish From Mobile Apps
4. Hire Online Spanish Teacher 

How to learn Spanish more Faster

To learn Spanish faster you have to make a schedule and follow that. install different Spanish learning apps and do practice daily. Watch Spanish Exercise videos to memorize Spanish words. 

Chat with different Spanish people to make your vocabulary more strong. Do daily exercises on Spanish Learning apps to memorize Spanish words. 

1. Make a reading schedule and follow it until you become a master.
2. Download Different Spanish Learning Apps.
3. Watch online videos in Spanish.
4. Memorize words with different Spanish Learning apps.  
5. Download different Spanish Learning Apps. 

Is Spanish is easy to learn for English people?

Yes, It is as to learn for English people. It is not difficult to learn but you have to do practice daily to learn this in less time. 

Top free app to learn Spanish

  1. Learn Spanish. Speak Spanish
  2. Pimsleur
  3. LingoDeer
  4. HelloTalk
  5. Drops
  6. Learn Spanish Offline
  7. Learn Spanish with SpeakTribe
  8. Spanish for Beginners: LinDuo HD
  9. Learn Spanish from scratch

1. Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish is the best app to memorize Spanish words. You will get to see different Spanish words after leaning Spanish words and then Spanish phrases and take part in conversations.

Learn Spanish app is the god for beginners and mediators. 

Features of Learn Spanish- 
  • Easy to use
  • Best for beginners
  • Learn Online Conversations
  • Verb conjugations
  • Real-life words

2. Pimsleur

Pimsleur is the best app to learn different languages but it can also teach you the Spanish language. It is best for beginners and mediators. It uniquely focuses on conversation skills.

Pimsleur helps you to learn the Spanish language. It will build your Spanish skills and with some practice, you will be able to start a conversation on the Spanish language. 

Features of Pimsleur-
Reading lessons
Speak challenges
Digital flashcards
Skill category
Skill-building tool

3. LingoDeer

LingoDeer is another platform to learn new languages. It has a language course that helps you to learn alphabet, vocabulary, grammar, travel phrases and pronunciation, etc. 

It has different exercises to improve your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in every exercise. Study the Spanish language with lingoDeer because it is effective and efficient. 

Features of LingoDeer-
Independent Learning
Self-study learning
Different Grammer notes
Recording of Native speakers
Learn with offline mode
150+ lessons

4. HelloTalk

HelloTalk is another platform where you can learn Spanish. It connects the different speakers of different languages over the world. You can learn different languages like Japanese, Hindi, Thai, German, Italian, Turkish, Russian, and many other main languages.

You can do the practice of speaking, reading, listening, and writing.     

Features of HelloTak-
Learn with the largest language community
Improve Grammar Skills
Perfect Pronunciation
One-to-one chatting with the foreign teacher
foreign language podcasts

5. Drops

Drop is another platform to learn Spanish or other languages online. It has 39 different languages to learn like Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Farsi, Danish, Swedish, and many more. It is an online platform to learn rapidly any kind of language. 

It focuses on vocabulary by giving illusions and fast-paced micro-games. It is the most unique learning platform for beginners.   

Features of Drops-
100% visual learning 
Effortless practice
Vocabulary focus

6. Learn Spanish Offline

top 9 free apps to learn spanish
Learn Spanish is another platform to learn Spanish phrases and sentences. It has over 2000+ Spanish Phrases and vocabulary for traveler and beginners. This app completely works offline and free.

You will learn all word meaning from this application. You will learn how to spell words correctly. 

You will learn-
General Conversation
Time and Date
Directions & Places
Eating out
Cities & Towns
Tourist & Attractions
Dating <3
Tongue Twisters

7. Learn Spanish with SpeakTribe

Learn Spanish with SpeakTirbe us another Mobile application to learn the Spanish language online. It has a good collection of lessons, games, grammar, and gossips. Here you will find fun and education at the same time. 

It is the best application to learn Spanish fast and with fun. It is also good for beginners to learn Spanish in less time. 

Features of SpeakTribe-
Easy to learn 
Good for beginners 
Fun and Learn

8. Spanish for Beginners: LinDuo HD

LinDuo is another Free app to learn Spanish online. You will get to see different Spanish words and topics to learn the Spanish language. It does not require a permanent internet connection to run. 

It has a dark interface to study at night and you will get to see 2 different sounds of male and female select one that helps you in leaning. True and False to answer a question. 

Feature of LinDuo-
Pronunciation of different native speaker
1657 words split into 116 topic lessons
Different illustrations for each word
Dark mode to study at night
Select the male and female voice
Dynamic lesson difficulty
Game "True or False" to review pas material
Special lessons with favorite, difficult, old, random words
Flexible sound settings (music, announcer, effects)
Just 10-15 minutes per day to learn all words
Suitable for both adults and children 

9. Learn Spanish from scratch

It is another platform to learn Spanish in mobile devices. It is a mobile application that looks like a book and every page of this book has a different sentence with a new image. You will get to see the translation of sentences in Spanish. 

This app will help you to learn Spanish faster and in a fun way. Move pages to learn more sentences. Read every page of this application and learn all major and minor sentences of Spanish. 

Features of Learn from Scratch-
Easy and funny way to learn Spanish 
Looks like a Book
Different Sentences with translation
Different exercises of Spanish

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