Top 5 High Graphics Heavy Truck Simulator Games

Top 5 High Graphics Heavy Truck Simulator Games

Top 5 High Graphics Heavy Truck Simulator Games

Hello, guys, we are here with some interesting Truck Simulator games. These Truck Simulator games are online offline and have very high graphics. You can download them from the Play store. Play these games with heavy truck simulator trucks. You will see here the 3D model of trucks. YOu have to drive through different weather conditions. Get money by completing the given tasks. 

Top 5 High Graphics Heavy Truck Simulator Games 3D Download for Android and iOS
Play these Top 5 truck simulator games in Android and iOS for free. You will see here realistic graphics and realistic control. Here you will get a manual or simple gear system. Truck Simulator games are really good and interesting to play. Play with the online layer and enjoy these Truck Simulator games. Maps are realistic, maps are taken from the real location of the USA, Mexico Canada, and many Europian countries.  
Top 5 High Graphics Heavy Truck Simulator Games

Play like a professional and here you can buy or customize trucks. Buy a powerful truck and complete the mission. The Day-Night cycle is here to get a realistic experience of the truck driving. If you love driving simulator games so this is really great for you. Play Truck simulator on different roads like the USA, Mexican, Europian, and many other countries. Get the experience of different Trucks. Buy more and more trucks to do a lot of tasks at a time. Buy experienced drivers to get more money by completing multiple tasks at a time. 

Features of Truck Simulator games

  1. Ultimate driving experience.
  2. Online players.
  3. Day and night driving.
  4. Amazing Truck events.
  5. Weather changing system.
  6. Realistic controls.
  7. 3D Graphics.
  8. Drive through heavy Traffic.
  9. Different camera angles.
  10. A good collection of heavy trucks.
  11. Drive across realistic roads. 
  12. Customize your Truck.
  13. Achieve new levels.
  14. Highways and toll roads.  
  15. Radio in Trucks.

Top 5 Heavy Truck Simulator Games for Android and iOS 

  1. Euro Truck Evolution(Simulator)
  2. Truck Simulator USA
  3.  World Truck Driving Simulator
  4. Heavy Truck Simulator
  5. Truck Simulator 2018: Europe 

5. Truck Simulator 2018: Europe 

Top 5 High Graphics Heavy Truck Simulator Games
Truck Simulator 2018 Europe will give you the best driving experience of the Truck and here you will get realistic graphics and unlimited driving fun. Make your business successful and buy more heavy trucks for heavy-duty. Buy more drivers so that you can do a lot of work at a time. Do heavy-duty tasks with heavy trucks and get more money. Choose your truck from the number of truck collections and customize it as you want. Feel everything that a truck driver feel. Switch on the radio while driving so you will never feel alone in long highway roads. You can customize controls in setting and you will see realistic graphics and physics behind this Truck Simulator game. Feel the road with your Truck and make money by doing tasks. 

Day and Night circles are also in-game so it can help you to feel like you are a real driver. Load and pick containers from factories. Complete missions and get money and use that money to upgrade your Truck or buy new Trucks. You will see here high graphics and 3D model and you will definitely enjoy this Truck simulator game. You will get newly updated and will find more fun in them.

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4. Heavy Truck Simulator

Top 5 High Graphics Heavy Truck Simulator Games
Heavy Truck Simulator is a truck driving game in which you are a driver and you have to complete the tasks to earn money. You will see here great graphics an real physics in gameplay. The interesting thing is that you will see all model of truck. It included all new and old trucks so choose your powerful truck and give a good service to people. You will see more tailor and jobs. Run your truck on the dirt roads and make money by completing delivery tasks. You will see here day and night cycle. Drive your truck through many Brazilian locations. Stop on the fuel station and full your fuel tank. 

Customize or buy your new truck and make more money. YOu will see here different tasks and complete them in the given time. Test your driving skill here and enjoy the driving experience. Buy the new truck and earn more money through it. Customize your Truck and be a good driver and enjoy this truck simulator game. Drive through long highways and get more truck driving experience. Complete various kinds of jobs with your truck. Load truck carefully and drive through tough roads and make more money by parking it on the exact position. Heavy trucks are not easy to handle or drive so be careful. If you crash any car or damage anything so you have to pay them from your money so be careful if you don't want to lose your money. 

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3. World Truck Driving Simulator

Top 5 High Graphics Heavy Truck Simulator Games
It is another Truck simulator game where you have to do challenging missions with your favorite truck. You will see here the great collection of trucks and other vehicles including Brazilian, Europian and American truck models.  Here you can customize your truck with various skins and, any more thing that can fit in the truck.  You will see here realistic physics and graphics. The interior of the truck is the same as you have seen in a real truck. Different vehicles have different power and gear system. You have to complete the given task within time and get paid. You will see real smoke in the exhaust of the truck. 

Drive your truck through different roads and in different weather. Drive the truck in mountains, land and narrow streets. Be careful with your duty. Do not hit anything with your Truck. You will earn more money with more trucks and drivers. Full your fuel tank on fuel stations. Enjoy the realistic graphics of this Truck simulator game. It is freely available on the play store so you can download it easily. You will see here an automatic or manual gearbox. You will see the day and night cycle and weather system so you can feel it real. 

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2. Truck Simulator USA

Top 5 High Graphics Heavy Truck Simulator Games
Truck Simulator USA is a very interesting Truck simulator game where you can drive the American trucks. You can try your driving with 18 wheeler trucks. This Truck simulator offers realistic graphics and the best experience of truck driving. You will see many features in this game that you can enjoy driving. You will see a realistic road and changing weather. It features many truck brands. You will see a loud engine sound in trucks and a realistic interior. Graphics of this truck simulator game is well but the gameplay is realistic. You feel like driving a real truck. Make money and become the richest American transporter. Drive througH American road and make money. Carry cool stuff like vehicles, and many more big things. 

You will see here the USA, Mexican, and Canadian Map where you can drive your truck. You will get a manual gear system with the clutch. You have to drive in different climate locations lie desert, snow, mountain, and city. You will see here a lot of modes and trailers to transport. You will see snow rain and sunny weather. The Interior system of this game is really great to get a driving experience of the e Truck. Do not damage your truck or other vehicles. You can set controls as you want to Be a god driver and enjoy these Truck simulator games.  

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1. Euro Truck Evolution(Simulator)

Top 5 High Graphics Heavy Truck Simulator Games
This is a Europian Truck Simulator game. In this, you will get many trucks and a lot of Truck customization. Play this truck simulator game and get the experience of the Europian Trucks. You will get good graphics in this game and better gameplay than other games. Complete the missions to get huge money rewards. Drive Europian trucks in different locations and in different cities. You will see realistic graphics and many more things that you have seen in real Truck. Get more money by parking the truck in the exact position. 

Get the new missions and complete the upcoming event to get more rewards and buy the new trucks or customize the old ones. YOu will see visual damage in Truck and an amazing engine sound. Different trucks have different power and fuel capacity. Achieve various different achievements and get more scores. Complete every task and become the champion of this Truck simulator game. You have to drive your truck in various weather conditions like rain, snow and sunny. YOu will see realistic steering and clutch brake system. Gear is manual so you need to do practice before starting this Truck simulator game. You can play this online and offline. You have both features but online is better with real players. 

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