Top 5 Bus Simulator Games For Android & iOS-High Graphics

Top 5 Bus Simulator Games For Android & iOS-High Graphics

Top 5 Bus Simulator Games For Android | High Graphics Bus simulator games 2020 | Download | Realistic graphics | Real controls
Hey, what's up guys I'm Makky and welcome to so today I gonna tell you Top 5 Bus Simulator Games For Android. All the Bus Simulator games that we are going to provide will be in high graphics. 

You will get realistic gameplay. These bus Simulator games are well designed and graphics are high so you will definitely enjoy these Top 5 Bus Simulator Games in your Android devices. So let us talk about features of Top 5 Bus Simulator Games.

Features of Top 5 Bus Simulator Games

  • Ultimate driving experience.
  • Online players.
  • Day and night driving.
  • Amazing Bus events.
  • Weather changing system.
  • Realistic controls.
  • 3D Graphics.
  • Traffic.
  • Different camera angles
  • A good collection of buses.

Top 5 Bus Simulator Games For Android 

  1. Bus Simulator Indonesia
  2. Heavy Bus Simulator
  3. Coach Bus Simulator
  4. Bus Simulator: Original
  5. Bus Simulator: Ultimate

1. Bus Simulator Indonesia

Bus Simulator Games
Bus Simulator Indonesia is an Indonesian Bus simulator game. Experience driving. Feel everything that a bus driver feels. Enjoy the Bus driving like a professional. You have to keep all major and minor points in mind to drive safely. Day and Night circles are also in-game so it can help you to feel like you are a real driver. Drop and pick passengers from stations. Complete missions and get money and use that money to upgrade your bus or buy a new bus. You will see here high graphics and 3D model and you will definitely enjoy this Bus simulator game. You will get new updated and will find more fun in them.

You will see Indonesian maps and if you not have visited Indonesia so here you have an opportunity to visit various places and enjoy the gameplay of this Bus Simulator game. Controls are very easy in real life. you will see a good collection of Indonesian buses. Buses are well customized and based on real-life buses. No disturbing ads during you drive buses. You can play this online and can find more fun. Ultimate weather change system so you can drive in all kinds of weather while its rainy, sunny and cool. 

2. Heavy Bus Simulator

Bus Simulator Games
Heavy Bus Simulator is the same as the above Bus Simulator game but here you will get the location of Brazil and that is really going to be crazy. Experience the bus simulator driving and enjoy the driving. Here you will get the customization system so you can paint your bus as you want. You will see real physics so drive your Bus with care because it will be not easy as racing games. You will see a great collection of buses and you can buy them from the garage but for that you need money. Complete missions and get money. Pick passengers and drop them on their location and earn money.

You can upgrade your Bus or can buy a new bus. Every bus has a different speed, power, and fuel. you will see all the other things that a real bus has. Use speedometer, horn, radar, lights, side mirror, and back mirror to get the best driving experience. Explore the Brazilian map and enjoy new cities of brazil. New updates are really good to get new experience. Drive various collection of buses and feel the driving in this Bus Simulator game. 

3. Coach Bus Simulator

Bus Simulator Games
Coach Bus Simulator is another Bus Simulator game and it is also a good game to play in ANDROID devices. pick people from different cities and drop them on their vacation. Earn money from passengers and events so that you can buy new buses. Graphics are well and the interior system is well designed you will see it the same as real buses. Here you have open wold that you have to explore with your Bus. Show new places to your passenger and they will be happy. YOu will get landscape and open-world maps with high graphics. 

The Interior will make you feel like a real bus coach. Drive your bus on Europian roads and enjoy the Bus Simulator. Feel the roads and do not forget to pick or drop your passengers. Graphics are designed animated so it will easily run on your device. You can customize your own bus as you want. Day-night and weather system is here so feel like a real bus driver. Drive safe and prevent our bus from damage and care your passenger and other vehicles on the road. Do not break the road rules to get the realistic experience of a Bus Driver. Manage your company and hire new drivers to get more money.

4. Bus Simulator: Original

Top 5 Bus Simulator Games For Android & iOS-High Graphics
Bus Simulator: Original is another Bus Simulator game and it is also a realistic game. This Bus Simulator is based on real physics and graphics are well and if we talk about gameplay so it is also realistic. You will find more fun when you will weather effects and many more things that a real Bus driver feels. Repair your bus when it gets damaged and pick the passenger and drop them on their location to get money. Customize your Bus and drive through long roads. Next-generation graphics are added to get more fun. you will see here a great collection of buses that you have to buy with money. Different buses have different fuel capacity power and speed so don't forget to buy giant buses to load more passengers and double your income.

You will get realistic maps which are from Los Angeles, Rome, Berlin, Paris and Alaska, and many more other cities. These locations are really god tp drive so make sure you feel these cities with your bus. Controls are very easy you can set them to steering, tilted, and button. You have an extra button to open and close the passenger's door. Different weather systems to feel driving in different weather.

5. Bus Simulator: Ultimate

Bus Simulator Games
Bus Simulator: Ultimate is a really ultimate Simulator game. Here you will see realistic graphics and physics. You will see long bus routes that you have to travel by Bus. Here you will see the location of Germany, the United States, Russia, Turkey, Italy, Spain, France and Brazil, and many more places. Make your Bus organization and become the richest person. Buy drivers and Buses and make your corporation as big as you want. You will see the different collections of Buses and you can customize it. You will see realistic graphics and realistic sound effects. 

The amazing thing is that you can hear the radio while driving, you will see 200+ different radio stations. Day and Night cycle is here so you can feel it. Weather changing system is also added so you can feel like you are driving in real life. Interior is well customized so you will see all controls as you get in real life. Controls are easy and you can easily play this Bus Simulator game. But something is different here and that is you have to pick and drop passengers and the interesting thing is that they will review your service so make sure you will make happy him.

Which is the best bus simulator game

These all are the best Bus simulator games that you can enjoy in your Android or iOS. All have the same gameplay but you will find different gaming experiences in these. 

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