PUBG vs FORTNITE-Which game is better popularity,downloads,graphics,rating,users,size,abilities,memes,map,match time

PUBG vs FORTNITE-Which game is better popularity,downloads,graphics,rating,users,size,abilities,memes,map,match time

Hey, what's up guys I'm   Makky and welcome to so we gonna do comparison between PUBG and FORTNITE. Both are battle royal game and most played games. Let us start with PUBG PC so as we all know that it's launched for PC on dated March 2017 and PUBG Mobile launched for Mobiles in March 2018.

If we talk about Fortnite so let you that Fortnite has 3 modes:

Fortnite Save the world

Fortnite Save the world which launched in July 2017 and this mode was designed on the concept of player vs environment. Here 4 players corporate with each other and survive and fight with zombies.

Fortnite Battle royal

It is similar to PUBG, here you have to survive till the end to get huge prizes. You ave to survive and construct walls and stairs to defend himself. This is a very entertaining game mode you definitely find fun in this.

Fortnite Creative
Here you have to survive on an island and have to construct the building, make objects. Survive till the end to win the game.

Features of PUBG Mobile

  • Realistic graphics.
  • Survival match. 
  • Huge collection of weapons.
  • Different vehicles.
  • Real-time survival match.
  • Different match modes.
  • New updates every month and new events every week.
  • Online voice chat system.
  • Customizable controls.
  • Different maps.

Features of FORTNITE

  • Animated Graphics.
  • Crafting.
  • Can fly.
  • Collection of weapons
  • You can play in Cross-platform.
You have to be worthy to play FORTNITE


PUBG- PUBG is a really god game and here you will see a lot of features and if we talk about its size so it will cross 2GB easily. There are a lot of maps and in high graphics that is why its size is very high.

FORTNITE- Fortnite is a very big game even it is bigger than PUBG Mobile Its graphics are light but its gameplay is very complex and advance. Even we can do many things in Fortnite that we can not do in PUBG and its size is nearly 1.5 GB - 3GB.

PUBG vs FORTNITE- Minimum Requirements

PUBG- To play PUBG Mobile on medium graphics you need an ANDROID 5.1 or higher version and 3GB RAM with approx 5GB free storage. If you want to play this in high graphics so you need a better device and a good internet connection.

FORTNITE- Fortnite needs ANDROID version 5 and processor should be good and GPU Adriano 530 or above. You need 3 GB RAM and 3GB free storage to play Fortnite. Fortnite is lighter than PUBG so here you can play it in the low specification which is really great.


Here we got some problem FORTNITE is not available on the play store so we did not find its rating. But we rating of PUBG Mobile and this is really good, about 26 Million rated this 4.3 out of 5. PUBG is very popular but FORTNITE is not less popular. Some player finds it very difficult to play whereas they find PUBG Mobile easy. 

PUBG vs FORTNITE- Player Count

PUBG- PUBG has the most players. It has  450 Million+ users and 30 Million daily active users. It made a huge fanbase. A lot of people like PUBG and play it daily. Even my lot of friends play PUBG. PUBG reached the top of the battle royal game after 2 months of its release on smartphones. It connected a lot of users and they really like it.  

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FORTNITE- FORTNITE is not successful as PUBG but it also has a big fanbase. It has 250 Million+ users and the active users are not defined so we can't say anything. But know that PUBG has more players than Fortnite and PUBG is very successful in player count.


PUBG- PUBG Mobile provides you a very big map and the number of maps so you can enjoy it much more. The number of amazing locations to loot.  Different places with different styles and designs. You can switch a map in PUBG if you get bored in a single one. The different map has different locations, different design, Different gaming experience. 

FORTNITE- There is only one map in Fortnite and it includes different locations. You will see 30 different locations in the Fortnite map and it is a very dense map. The player will find a lot of joy in a single map because he can construct his own building or many things that he wants. You will definitely bore in PUBG with a single map.

PUBG vs FORTNITE- Game Modes

PUBG- PUBG Mobile provides a lot of amazing mode to their player s which are TPP and FPP. Classic modes with different maps. Arcade map with different maps. In new updates, they have added TDM match mode which players really like.

FORTNITE- Fortnite does not have a lot of modes as PUBG. You will see here only 2 modes which are Fortnite: Save the World and Fortnite: Battle royal. Battle royal mode is a very popular mode of Fortnite. 

PUBG vs FORTNITE- Graphics

PUBG- PUBG Mobile has great graphics and texture. You can play PUBG Mobile in high graphics on high-end smartphones. Tree, shadow, customization is very well and you will never complain about its graphics. You will get realistic graphics. The graphic is the main that you will get in PUBG Mobile. 

FORTNITE- You will see animated graphics. It is a little similar to the Free Fire but better than it. Here you will never see realistic graphics. Its graphics are well customized or designed but it is not realistic as PUBG Mobile. 

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PUBG vs FORTNITE- Gameplay

PUBG- In PUBG Mobile 100 players jump from a plane and land on an Island. They loot houses to get armor, guns, health kits, energy drinks, ammo, and gun accessories and have to kill other players on the map. You can play it offensive or defensive it depends on you. After some time a blue circle appears which starts shrinking with time. The player who is out of this circle loss his health slowly and if he has no healing so definitely he Will die. Kill another player before they kill you and the last player got chicken dinner.

FORTNITE- In FORTNITE 100 players jump from a flying bus and land on an Island. YOu have to loot and break objects to collects materials. Then you can use it to build things like stairs, walls, and many more things. The gameplay of FORTNITE is not easy as PUBG but if you learned it once then you never leave this game.  

PUBG vs FORTNITE- Most asked questions.

1. Which came first PUBG vs Fortnite?

PUBG came first, PUBG was released for PC and other platforms dated March 2017 and after that FORTNITE launched for the PC and other platforms in July 2017 but still they have not added battle royal mode in FORTNITE and after 2 or 3 months they added battle royal mode in FORTNITE. 

2. Which game is better PUBG vs Fortnite?

If we talk about graphics so you will get realistic graphics n PUBG Mobile whereas you will see animated graphics in Fortnite. The gameplay of Fortnite is very difficult or not easy to do crating, right and many more things. You have to be professional to lay Fortnite.

3. How many people play Fortnite vs PUBG?

About 30 Million people play PUBG daily and about 450 Million+ people downloaded it. It has a huge fanbase and a lot of addicted people. Whereas Fortnite has 250 Million+ player but daily active players are not defined so we can not say anything.

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4. What are the similarities between PUBG and Fortnite?

Both games are not similar but you will see a little bit similar gameplay in battle royal match mode. Both are totally different games from each other. 

5. Is PUBG harder than Fortnite?

No, PUBG is easier then FORTNITE. In PUBG you have to pick guns and have to survive till the end. You can take action when you see an enemy and can loot him. In Fortnite, you have to survive until the end. You can attack the enemy but here you will get an extra thing and that us crafting, construction. Your enemy can construct walls and stairs to defend himself. Fortnite is a quick decision game.   

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