FREE FIRE hack version- mod apk 100% unlimited diamonds

FREE FIRE hack version- mod apk 100% unlimited diamonds

FREE FIRE hack version
Hello guys, I know you are here to get a FREE FIRE Hack Version, and I will take care that you get the FREE FIRE Hack Version modded apk. You will get unlimited diamonds, Unlimited health, unlimited ammo, aimbot, low recoil, high fire rate, and is anti-ban. 

Guarana FREE FIRE is one of the best or popular battle royal game in the world. It is popular because it runs in every device no matter its low specification or high specification. 

This game has 500 Million plus downloads and fro this you can see the popularity of this game from its downloads. It is available for both iOS and ANDROID. 

FREE FIRE hack version 

FREE FIRE hack is a modded hack version of FREE FIRE that provide the same gameplay as FREE FIRE but here you will get some additional features to whom other people call FREE FIRE HACK

Get unlimited diamonds and coins. It is the latest version of the Guarana FREE FIRE hack to download in your Android or iOS. You will easily win all the matches with this FREE FIRE hack version. 

Update FREE FIRE mod apk to get new features and new hacks of FREE FIRE.   

Features of FREE FIRE hack version

FREE FIRE hack version
You will get more and advanced features than an ordinary apk of FREE FIRE. You will find more fun in mod apk of FREE FIRE than an ordinary. You have unlimited Diamonds and Coins that you can spend on anything.

This FREE FIRE hack version will provide you all features for that you are here. Yes, you will get all those features that are not in an ordinary FREE FIRE game. Your bullet will reach unlimited Range with high damage, Don't worry you will never die because you have unlimited health

FREE FIRE Hack version feature that you will not get in an ordinary apk-

  • Unlimited Range 
  • High Damage 
  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • More Speed
  • Anti Ban FREE FIRE apk
  • Unlimited Bag capacity
  • 100% Bullet Accuracy
  • Aimbot
  • Low Recoil
  • High Fire Rate
  • No Root required
Aimbot- Aimbot is the main feature of his game that helps you to take aim on the head. It will increase your headshot accuracy, even you can find a player lied in the grass. You will ake a good aim on the enemy by this mod pk of FREE FIRE.

Unlimited Range- It is a range of bullet that you have fired. Your bullets will travel more distance than a normal bullet. It is a great opportunity to make a pistol sniper. Aimbot he's you to aim head and take a shot with a pistol as a sniper and kill enemies. 

High Damage- Your fired bullets will give high damage to the enemies. In this mod apk of FREE FIRE, you have bullets with extra damage. 

Unlimited Health- In this mod apk, you will get unlimited health, that will help you to survive till the end. You will never die by any of your enemies because there is no effect of bullets on your health.  

Unlimited Ammo- Pick a gun and start playing this game, you don't need to reload your gun once you picked it. Fire non-stop bullets on enemies and down them one by one. You can easily explore a vehicle with an unlimited ammo feature.

More Speed- This feature of the FREE FIRE hack will improve your running speed. You don't need a vehicle to move from here to there. In this hack, you will run faster from normal FRE FIRE people.

Anti Ban FREE FIRE apk-

Unlimited Bag capacity- You will get unlimited bag capacity, which means you can pick everything in-game and your bag will never fill. Your bag will always empty. Your bag has an unlimited storage capacity.                 

100% Bullet Accuracy- It is a very good feature for the beginner of FREE FIRE. It will help you to make a perfect shot on your target. Aimbot helps you to take aim and it will make it accurate.   

Low Recoil- It is the best feature for those who use heavy fire rate guns. When you take aim on your target and fire bullets, then its working start. It helps you to control your aim because this feature reduces the recoil.  

High Fire Rate- According to this feature your guns will fire more bullets per second. More bullets mean more damage and more kills.

No Root required- This FREE FIRE hack version not required a rooted device. It is one of the best features because everyone not has a rooted device. Everyone can play this game without doing anything. 

Gameplay with FREE FIRE hack mod apk

It was not ordinary gameplay with FREE FIRE mod apk version. It was more interesting and I realize I am a pro player with this mod apk of FREE FIRE. Nobody was killing me, even they were not able to low my health.

60 player was in map and I was one of them. The game begins with my headshot and also ends with a headshot. I know you guys think I am pro but you have to know this FREE FIRE Mod apk has aimbot, that always aims head. 

This FREE FIRE mod apk made me a pro of the FREE FIRE game. I was playing this with real online players and killed all of them. Do not care about anything and dive into this game, when you get out, you will be a FREE FIRE pro player.    

Gameplay- You have to jump from a plane that has to fly over the map. Mark your favorite location where you get more loot. You are one of the 50 players and you have to kill all the other players before they do.

Find the best guns of FREE FIRE and rush on enemies. You can use medkits to heal yourself and eat mushrooms to get a boost. Stay in the blue zone to survive, if you are out of this blue zone then your health will decrease slowly and it ends up and you die.

Blue Zone will shrink with respect to time and all player needs to stay inside this. Kill all the players to reduce your enemy's list. 

Loot airdrops for legendary weapons and armors. You have solo or squad game options. In the squad, you can play with your friends or other online players. Make your team better and win all the matches. BOOYAH!

Unlocked features

FREE FIRE mod apk is fully free of cost, you will get everything that is paid in FREE FIRE. This mod apk of REE FIRE will provide you Aimbot that will help you to take aim on the head. 

You will get unlimited diamonds and coins to purchase anything from the store. You will get all dress and pets. You don't need to purchase it because everything is unlocked in the store. 

You will get every store item unlocked. Every skin is unlocked for you, apply the skin on your guns, and make everyone shocked with premium skins. 

Difference between FREE FIRE and FREE FIRE Hack

FREE FIRE hack version
The only thing that you have to do in the FREE FIRE hack version is to Enjoy and play. You don't need money to customize your character, everything is unlocked. You don't need diamonds and coins. You have to only enjoy this game.  

There are a lot of differences between FREE FIRE and FREE FIRE hack. FREE FIRE is a simple battle royal game but FREE FIRE mod apk I also a simple game with a lot of features.

FREE FIRE hack provides everything that is paid in the original FREE FIRE game. You will get unlimited Diamonds and coins. You can easily win every match with the FREE FIRE hacked version. 

You will get unlimited ammo and no recoil that is great for players. Unlimted health with sprint speed. You don't need a vehicle to travel in the whole map. You do not need any armor or helmet.  

All new characters are unlocked and the new dresses are also unlocked. You don't need anything to unlock them from the store. No money required to buy anything from the store.

It is Anti Ban FREE FIRE mod apk to download in Android devices. It provides a lot of premium features free of cost.

It gives premium FREE FIRE experience at no cost. It is made to enjoy the game at the next level. You will get freedom here, do anything that you want. 

How to Download the latest version unlimited diamond FREE FIRE hack apk?

It is a very simple and easy question that I am going to answer. You have to click on the Download button and it will redirect to the FREE FIRE Hack version Download Link.

You have to wait for a second and then it will start downloading FREE FIRE mod apk in your device. You have to download FREE FIRE hacked mod apk and its OBB file to install the FREE FIRE hack in your device.   

Enjoy this mod apk of FREE FIRE with unlimited gold and gems. You don't need anything after this FREE FIRE apk. You will satisfy with this latest mod apk of FREE FIRE.  

How to install FREE FIRE hack on Android?

It is very easy to install the free fire mod apk on your Android. You do not need anything except the internet to download the FREE FIREmod apk and OBB file. 

Just go to the download page from the download button and download the FREE FIRE hacked mod apk and OBB file. For the further process, you have to follow the given steps.

  1. Download FREE FIRE mod apk and its OBB file in your Android device.
  2. Enable Unknown sources option from your phone setting to install this FREE FIRE apk.
  3. Paste the OBB into the ANDROID/OBB of your device. 
  4. Install the FREE FIRE Mod apk and run it.
  5. Enjoy the FREE  FIRE game and make your day great with BOOYAH!

How to hack free fire unlimited diamonds?

FREE FIRE hack version
You have to download this FREE FIRE hack version so you will get all features of FREE FIRE mod apk. Enjoy the aimbot, high damage guns with unlimited range. 

You have to install this FREE FIRE hack version and then it will be hacked. Install and paste OBB file in ANDROID/OBB and you will get FREE FIRE hacked version on your Android device.

Updates that you will get in FREE FIRE mod apk

The new update means new features. Same as other games you will get the updates in this FREE FIRE Mod apk that includes a lot of new features. 

The game that updates itself respect to the time is more interesting and never bor its user. The user always finds fun in new updates and never complains about the game.

You will get a new update within time. You will get many more things that entertain you in FREE FIRE mod apk. It adds many weekly events and new characters with some new interesting abilities. 

Features that you will get in the update of FREE FIRE hacked version

  • New characters
  • New Maps
  • New Area
  • New upcoming events
  • More hack 
  • New skins
  • New dress

Final Conclusion

This FREE FIRE apk is not official, it is made for entertainment purposes only. It is made to give the experience of FREE FIRE with full features. Experience the new skins and dress in mod apk of FREE FIRE. 

Use this FREE FIRE moded apk for entertainment only. Do not show off to other players. Just experience everything in this and enjoy it as possible. BOOYAH! 

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