Best GFX Tool for PUBG Mobile- Anti ban, 100% Smooth Performance

Best GFX Tool for PUBG Mobile- Anti ban, 100% Smooth Performance

Best GFX Tool for PUBG Mobile
Everyone loves to do gaming in their smartphones, especially PUBG Mobile. It is very popular in our country. A lot of people play PUBG and a lot of them are facing the same problem, yes everyone that is lag. Lagging is very annoying while gaming PUBG especially when you are taking the fight with the enemy. 

Fix All Lags and Rendering With Best GFX Tool for PUBG Mobile 2020. It is Anti Ban GFX Tool to Fix All Lags and Rendering Problem in PUBG Mobile or PUBG Mobile Lite. It Safe to use and 100% Lags Fixed. It is Anti Ban GFX Tools for PUBG for 2GB, 3GB RAM, and Low-end device with the best setting for gfx tool PUBG mobile.

GFX tools are needed when you lag during gaming. There are a lot of GFX Tools for PUBG but you may ban with these in PUBG. It is best for those who are playing PUBG on 2-3GB RAM Smartphone.   

If you have a low specification device and want to play PUBG or PUBG Mobile lite with 1Gb RAM so it is better to use GFX to get smoother gameplay. GFX is just a tool to improve your gameplay.   

The gamer who plays PUBG with 2-3GB RAM smartphone and has great PUBG skills, only that knows the pain of being killed by game lag. Yeah, that is very annoying for a PUBG Gamer and it lags when the match is interesting.

What is the GFX tool and how it works?

GFX tool is an application that optimizes your phone according to your phone specification or phone hardware. In simple words, it scans your RAM, CPU, GPU, and then optimizes the smartphone. There is no issue of getting a ban with this GFX tool. 

GFX tool customizes the graphics of the game according to the Phone specifications or hardware of the phone. IT change graphics low or high to give a better gaming performance to the users. It modifies the game settings to make it smoother.  

How to use the GFX tool for PUBG Mobile?

Best GFX Tool for PUBG Mobile
The use of this GFX Tool is very easy. If you are facing any lag problem during PUBG gaming so it will easily fix that if it's due to the device's specification. it ma low some features like graphic sitting and frame rates to match graphics with your device specification.

If you want smooth gameplay so you can go with it. May it reduce your graphics but it will give a better and smooth game before. What will you choose smooth gameplay or graphics, definitely smooth gameplay? So if you are facing lag or rendering problems then you need GFX Tool to fix this.    

Steps to use GFX Tool-
1. Open the GFX Tool and select the version of the game.
2. Select the graphics according to the desire and mobile specification, if you don't know so you can google it or simple low it. 
3. Once everything is set, accept, and start the game and do not remove it from the background. 

GFX Tool best setting for smooth gameplay

Best GFX Tool for PUBG Mobile
Recommended GFX Tool Settings

We will recommend you Best GFX Tool settings for smooth gameplay. It recommended setting will work on only the mid-range device. You can low or high GFX Tool setting according to your device specifications.

Resolution- Medium
Resolution is she appearing pixel on your screen. You can adjust it with this gfx Tool. If your game is not running smoothly so you have to low your resolution. It will reduce the load on the GPU of your device.

Graphics- smooth
You ave only one option Graphics or performance, you can't get both in the low-end devices. You have to compromise with Graphics to get smoother performance. Low your graphic setting if you again getting lag. You can set it to balanced if you are not getting a smoother performance.

FPS- 30
It is Frame Per second, higher in the frame means the big load on GPU. So set it to 30 and get smoother gameplay. If you have a device with mid-range specifications so you can set it to 60FPS.

Anti-aliasing- Disable
Disable this Anti-Aliasing option in your GFX tool to get a smoother gaming experience. It consumes too much power of GPU.

Style- colorful
It is the same as the color. If you do not change so it's ok but in this style, you will see something different.   

Shadow- Disable
You definitely disable Shadow because it is useless for gaming or it is not as important as smoother gameplay. You have to compromise with it to get smoother gameplay and I know it is not a big deal. It consumes GPU power for no reason. 

Save Controls- Disable
If you are playing PUBG or any game with Google account or Facebook account so you don't need this option.

Features of this GFX Tools for PUBG

This GFX Tool is fully-features to provide you the smooth gameplay in PUBG. It is Free of cost but contains in-app purchases. It customizes the graphics setting according to your Mobile specification. It is very low in size and works on different games not only on PUBG Mobile, but You can also use it with Free Fire or other battles royal game.     

Features that you will get in this GFX Tool-
1. Change game resolution.
2. Play in HDR graphics and all FPS levels.
3. Fully Control shadows and anti-aliasing.
4. Advanced options.
5. Small in size.
6. Support in low devices.
7. All game versions are supported. 
8. High performance.
9. Fix Lag and Rendering.
10. Anti Ban.
11. Safe to Use.

Requirements of this GFX Tool for PUBG

It is made to give a smooth performance in low specification devices so definitely it can easily run in low specification devices. All GFX tools are small in size but do better work.  

GFX Tools are very small in size. It supported in all devices. So the requirement of this GFX tool is very low and I 100% sure it easily works in your device. It needs 4.3 and up Android version to run. Its size is very small. Its 3.3MB in size.  

Is it safe to use the GFX tool for PUBG?

Best GFX Tool for PUBG Mobile
Yes, it is 100% safe to use. There is no case of getting a ban with the PUBG GFX Tool. You can see the rating of this app on Google Playstore and also check reviews. There is no chance of getting a ban with this GFX tool.   

As you guys noticed with the previous update of PUBG Mobile, they warned to do not to use a third-party app to avoid getting a ban for some years. Don't worry as GFX Tools has been updated according to the PUBG Mobile so there is no chance of getting banned in PUBG Mobile.

Use GFX Tool and kill all noobs and make your skills better with smoother gameplay and be the #1 in every match.

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