Hello friend, today I am going to tell you the top 5 best robot fighting games of 2020 in which you will be able to fight with robots. Here you will see full action and plus point is that you can play this in high graphics on your ANDROID device. So let us start this without wasting time, wait but first, I want to tell you that you can download these games from Google Play store and we also have given download links at last.

10. Robot Warfare: Mech Battle 3D

Robot warfare is an online multiplayer fighting game. Assemble your garage with different robots and upgrade them to the next level to destroy your enemy in 6vs 6 online battle. Here you will get 25+ unique robots and can bring 10 robots in war.
Bring Unique drones in they will help you in the cover fire. Equip your drone with a high damage weapon to destroy your enemies in a minute. Ability to use 10 robots in a battle.
Upgrade your weapons and robots to make your squad better than the opponent. Awesome graphics and texture, enjoy the game.

9. Robots VS Tanks: 5v5 Tactical Multiplayer Battles

As you got from the name this game is fighting between robots and tanks. It is very different from other games. This game is based on realistic physics and exciting graphics. War is always war, the only thing that can you change is a weapon.
Tanks and military robot are ready with heavy robots, a robot has serious power that can easily decrease the number of robots but a robot is nothing without a skilled pilot.
You are the defender of your country and be the tank commander and destroy your enemies with your heavy tank. Don't think your enemy will be the easy target, your wrong decision may lose you and your whole squad, so don't be lazy.

8. The Great Wobo Escape

This game is totally different from other robot games. It is not a fighting game, but it is still an interesting game. As we already know from its name it is a robot game and we need to escape from somewhere. It is totally right we are playing this as a mini robot who is trying to escape from this place and huge robots are behind him.
An Alone and unarmed robot is trying to escape this place and hiding in shadows to avoid himself from heavy armored robots who can crush him in a second. Use the environment to hide your robot from enemies and make a strategy to pass a mission. 
This game has better graphics and great physics, play this with a unique visual style. This game fully adventurous, puzzles, deadly enemies, and dangerous traps.  

7. WWR: Warfare Robots Game

Warfare robots is an online game where you can bring your best robot in the battleground, make a tactic to destroy your enemy but it is not easy to destroy every robot if they have heavy armors, so make sure your squad is with you.
Join the PVP battle and show the whole world that you are the smartest pilot ever. Become stronger and use heavy armors to show you are the best commander. These robots have destructive powers that can destroy everything.
The map is really bigger to enjoy this game and the graphics are really cool. Upgrade modules to make your robot stronger. Chat with players worldwide and call them to join your squad.

6. TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight

Transformers: Forgot to fight is a robot fighting game. Transform your vehicle into a heavy robot and destroy your enemy with combo attacks.
Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, Waspinator, Rhinox, Grimlock, Soundwave and many more amazing robots are waiting for you. Every robot has a unique ability so make sure that your robot can deal with them. 
Collect your robots from the entire transformers list. Battle other robots with special attacks, long-range attack. Team up with your friends and participate in global events to win huge rewards. Defend your base with bots and take revenge from those who raided your base. 

5. Super Mecha Champions

Super Mecha Champion is a battle royal game. It is an outstanding game with anime esthetics and spectacular graphics. Fight in an amazing city with different players from the world. The only thing that can make you champion is your strategy, other players are hiding in the city so kill them all before they find you.
This game has light graphics so there will be no issue of performance. It is a fully-featured game and global players made it amazing. You will get login rewards, participate in different events to get more rewards.
Use huge collection f guns like assault, SMG, snipers, and grenade launcher to defeat your enemy. Choose your favorite mecha to be a champion of this game. Do not forget to charge it.

4. Mech Arena: Robot Showdown

Mech Arena: Robot Showdown is a multiplayer mech shooter game. Here you will find the intense fight in 3d graphics. The gameplay is simple just point your enemy and empty your loaded weapons. Hide behind objects to take a cover from enemies.

Choose from dozen of mechs, weapons, and special abilities for deadly battle competition. Team up with your friends to win every beacon capturing match on every map. Different maps are available to destroy your enemies.
Build your skill against players from whole around the world in live matches. Take your friends in every match to become victorious in every match. Increase your rank in every victory. Fight in close range or long-range as you want but make sure you picked missiles for long-range battle.   

3. Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade

Warhammer is the most action-packed and visually stunning action game for your ANDROID device. Play this in super 3D high graphics. Feel the power of your heavy robot in your hand and destroy opponents with heavy loaded weapons.
Experience the every battle, character, and creature of Warhammer. Use a bunch of weapons to take a new experience, make a good combination of weapons and destroy enemies shield with fully loaded weapons.
Win legendry weapons and many more by defeating opponents. Compete with different players from the whole world in an intense multiplayer battle. Destroy every enemy to show the world that no one can beat you and your squad.


Metal volution is a new generation fighting game. It is better than other games in graphics and textures, It allows you to take participate in a bunch of battles to show your strength. Play different game modes for a better experience. Controls are easy to made combos.
This game is designed to experience new generations fight. Graphic of this game is really amazing. The gameplay of this game is very simple but you need to learn combos of different robots to use it whenever need.
Play with different characters and use their special ability to down your enemy. Make special combos to down your enemy. Use special abilities when you realise its right time to hit.
Also check- Dying Light 2

1. World Robot Boxing 2

World Robot Boxing 2 is a fighting game in which you fight with your opponent robot. Here you will find a lot of action and fun. Select your robot from 100+ robots and fight with the like boss. Know your opponent's weakness and made a strategy and dive into the fight. Make epic combos with amazing skills to down your opponent. As you are in a robot, feel the real steel clash with every attack.
Block every attack of your opponent and reply to him with special combos. Unleash different robots to use amazing skills. Experience the best arcade action with your robots.
The greatest battle of robots is in your hands. Finish the battle within the given time. Transform your robot into a powerful champion by taking part in story mode.

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