PC vs Console- what should you buy for a great deal

PC vs Console- what should you buy for a great deal

PC vs Console- what should you buy for a great deal
Hey, what's up guys I'm Makky and welcome to memakky.com so today I gonna tell you what should you buy for gaming PC or Console if you are planning to buy something for gaming. I will cover simple 5 points, after those 5 points you will be very clear on what you should best for gaming. So let's start without wasting your time.

PC vs Console- what should you buy for a great deal

1. Initial cost

Console- Cost is the main factor behind choosing a PC or Console for gaming. Let us move on to the topic of what should you buy if you are on a tight budgetThere always comes a thing that the price of the console will always be cheaper than the PC. If I talk about Play station 4 it will cost around 40K. If I talk about the overall budget so every console Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation or other is under 40K. 

PC- If we talk about PC, Laptop or custom build PC so there you will get nothing to play in 1080p gaming because if you are going to build PC  for 1080p gaming so you need a better graphic card of 20k to do gaming in 1080p and a high-performance processor of 15-20k and I am talking about the medium specs so at least we can do gaming in 1080p. We have crossed the 40K only and only on 2 components that are graphic card and processor.

Conclusion- If you are going with a low budget so always prefer console and if not so always buy a PC because you will get more features in PC gaming.

2. Experience    

Console- Consoles are not enough for a better experience. Everything is limited or fixed in consoles. There is no option of ultra setting, 4K resolution, high refresh rates, graphics setting are fixed by developer in consoles so you can not change it. 

PC- PC always gives you better textures, better graphics, better quality even you can run games in high refresh rates. You can play games in an ultra-high setting only and only in PC. 

Conclusion- PC is better than console high refresh rates with 4K resolution.

3. Titles

Console- Consoles players have more exclusive titles that never launched for PC. Let understand it with an example: God of War, Uncharted series, Spiderman Playstation 4 and amazing games like Last of Us is only and only launched for consoles.  

PC- You cant play some games even spending money. there are limited games for PC if you can tolerate this thing so well and good.

Conclusion- If you want to enjoy each and every game so buy a console.  

4. Ease of use

Console- If you are a beginner and want to do only gaming so the console is a better option for you. It will easy to use, just plug in HDMI and switch on the console and start playing.

PC- Here you will face many problems like DLL file is missing, WINDOWS error update problems, and many other problems that you have to be informative about WINDOWS to solve these technical problems.

Conclusion- If you are a basic person and only want to do gaming so Console is a better option.

5. Buying games

Consoles- To play games in the console you have to purchase or rent games.

PC- To play games in PC you can download games if they are free or freely available, do not play or download cracked games, guys this is wrong and we not support this.

Conclusion- You have to purchase games and the price is approx equal for both PC and Console. But you can rent games on the console. 

Quick view

If you have a low budget and want to do only gaming so always buy a Console. budget is high and wants to do gaming in the high setting, amazing experience, 4k resolution so always buys a PC. 

1. Graphics- PC
A gaming PC always gives better graphics than a gaming console, even you can play games in high frame rates. If your PC is not running games in a high setting so it is time to change your PC. 

2. Performance- PC
A gaming PC is capable to do gaming in ultra-high settings but first, you have to spend money on it to make it capable to do gaming in the high settings.  

3. Cost- Console
Gaming consoles are cheaper than a gaming PC but they can not beat gaming PCs in performance.

4. Flexibility- PC
PC will let you game in any way you want, in a big curved TV, 4k resolution, with the controller, online with friends as you want.

5. Controls- PC
We all know that a mouse and keyboard are better than a controller or you can plug in an extra controller in PC.  
PC vs Console- what should you buy for a great deal

Additional things that you can do with Console

There is no additional thing that you can do with a gaming console. You can play games, watch blu-ray DVDs, and can listen to music but you won't get as much benefit as a PC.

Additional things that you can do with a gaming PC

A gaming PC is a regular PC, you can do everything that you can do with a regular PC but this will provide you these things in the high setting. It will more efficient than a regular PC.
You can also do-
  • 4k Editing  
  • Professional work
  • Video creation
  • Live streaming
  • Run software
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