Facebook built 3D photo feature for single camera phones with machine learning

Facebook built 3D photo feature for single camera phones with machine learning

Users of single-camera smartphones will also get the 3D photo feature on the platform from social media site Facebook. It has been announced by the company that users with the single-camera will also be able to upload 3D photos on the platform. With the help of this feature rolled out in October 2018, only users with dual camera phones could upload 3D photos.

Facebook has said that with the help of its 'state of the art' machine learning technology, the 3D photo feature will also be enabled on Android and iOS devices with a single camera. In such a situation, users will also be able to take a 3D selfies in smartphones. Facebook said in a statement, "With the help of new technology, 3D photo technology will be able to experience millions of users using single-lens camera phones and tablets for the first time."

Create such a 3D photo

Facebook says that with the help of this, users will be able to see their decades-old family photos in a new way and can also convert them into 3D. Users of the iPhone 7 or later must have an iOS device or midrange or better Android device users to use the Facebook 3D photo feature. 

Steps to take a 3D photo

1. Your device must have the Facebook app installed and updated to the latest version.
2. Now you have to create a new post from the official Facebook app.
3. On Android devices, tap on the three dots appearing in the More option and select the 3D photo option. 3D post option on iOS has to be scrolled and selected.
4. After this, you will see the gallery of the phone and you can select any photo that you want to upload in 3D.
5. Facebook will convert the photo to 3D in a short time, after which you can write a caption by previewing it.

Lastly, 3D photos can be shared by tapping on Post.

The new single-camera feature uses machine learning to map out the three-dimensional structure of an image and replicate the 3D effect. 

The company also says that devices like the iPhone 7 or higher, or “a recent midrange or better Android device” should be capable of using the 3D tool on the main Facebook App. 

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