Top 5 secure browsers for ANDROID | iOS | WINDOWS in 2020

Top 5 secure browsers for ANDROID | iOS | WINDOWS in 2020

About 60% of the world's population using Google Chrome as their browser but do you know it is not safe to use, it always tracks the user's activity and it takes a lot of memory(RAM). It is well customized so it is not easy to hack this browser but it collects the users' data which is not god for us.

In a study, it is found that Google could continue to collect users' personal data even if we are using incognito mode in chrome. It keeps an eye on your personal data. If you accidentally close the browser, it will close the all opened tabs without a warning but here they added a feature of restore tabs which is great. 

Sign of the best safe browsers

  • Best secure browser respect your privacy
  • Best safe browser protects your data from hackers.
  • Best safe browser did not track your activities.
  • Best safe browser are well customized and it is not easy to hack.

Top 5 secure browsers list

1. TOR browser

The Tor Browser is a free and special web browser for enabling anonymous communications. It works for TOR(The Onion Network) network. Tor is the gateway to the dark web in the deep web. It usually bounces ur address then connects to the internet. So ur real location can't be seen. 

Dark web only can be accessed by the Tor browser, and the dark web is the biggest hotspot of illegal trades like a contract killing, drug dealing, illegal arms sale, terrorism. It is the most secure browser in the world. 

2. Safari

Safari is a web browser developed by Apple. It gives you high-class security and privacy. It doesn't track you like google chrome. It is faster if you are browsing in an iOS machine. 

There is no issue of viruses and threads in the Safari browser. It is platform-independent you can use it in ANDROID, WINDOWS and other. It gives you private mode(same as the incognito mode in chrome) which isolates the browser's main session and user data.

3. Firefox

Firefox is great among other browsers for security and privacy. It is well customized and gives regular updates to maintain the security of this browser. On the desktop/laptop platform, Firefox is more standards compliant and stable (particularly with many tabs open) and reliably handles form fields. Even it works well in older computer versions.

The Mozilla Foundation is a non-profit organization, which means they aren’t as profit-driven as Google. As a result, Firefox doesn’t care about collecting your personal data or studying your Web browsing activities. It respects your privacy and wants you to feel safe from prying eyes. The downsides are that Firefox has slower startup times (because Chrome is constantly on in the background) and slower page loading speeds (because it doesn’t steal CPU cycles like Chrome). Firefox lets you customize your interface however you want.

4. Epic

Epic is the privacy-center web browser. It is always in Private browsing mode. Exiting this browser may cause all browsing data to be deleted. Ad and user activity trackers are blocked by the epic browser which prevents user's privacy and tracking. Web RTC IP address leaking is blocked as well.

Supplementary services found in the Chromium browser that send data to external servers, such as address bar suggestion and installation tracking, are removed in Epic to reduce the data leakage.

5. Brave

Brave is the speedy, privacy-focused and crypto-friendly web browser, released a public beta version that includes (among other things) support for Google Chrome extensions. With built-in ad-blocking and “HTTPS Everywhere” extensions, it attempts to natively protect user privacy to a degree. 

It is a danger for bloggers from all over the world as it blocks all the advertisements, the google analytics tracking, the Iframe from Amazon. By blocking all ads, they want to kill the free internet. Because of adblockers, we see now websites that start asking for micropayments or subscriptions to read their content. It is very annoying for readers.

Why Google Chrome is so popular?

Google Chrome is faster than other browsers. Its aim was to form the browsing faster and breaking the problems that were surfaced by people using older versions of internet explorer. This made people search for alternative browsers and Firefox was the primary to take advantage of this. Google chrome give plenty of services that millions of people the world use everyday activity, so Google can make many advertisements it's Browser.

It is available on a lot of platforms like WINDOWS, ANDROID, LINUX based OS, Mac OS, and iOS. Furthermore, it is fastest on most of these platforms and a lot of extensions are available on this. 

The number one reason for Chrome’s continued popularity is the sheer number of extensions that are available for it — and it’s not just the quantity or quality of these extensions, but the fact that so many of them are exclusive to Chrome because developers can’t be bothered to maintain other versions.

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