Top 5 new ANDROID Games of 2020- Action | Adventure | Fighting | Shooting

Top 5 new ANDROID Games of 2020- Action | Adventure | Fighting | Shooting

Top 5 new ANDROID Games of 2020- Action | Adventure | Fighting | Shooting
Hello friend, we are here to know the Top 5 new ANDROID games of 2020. I will show you the Top 5 games which you can play in high graphic setting on your ANDROID smartphone. These are shooting adventure and action games. So without wasting time lets begin our list 

1. Bright Memory

Bright memory is a high graphic and first-person shooting game. Your main lead character is a girl named Shelia. Shelia is from Natural Science Researcher Organisation(NSRO). Use different styles of abilities and create different new combos with the skill to destroy your enemy. 

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2. Battle prime
Battle prime is a third-person shooting game it comes in the console-level graphic for your ANDROID device. This game provides realistic graphics in your device. Unlimited fighting with different players. Win a lot of rewards with different unique heroes and use guns of different calibers. The digital battle is started so join the battle and show them you are the coolest prime agent among them.

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3. The Adventure of Tintin
As the name reflects, the adventure of Tintin is an adventurous game. Tintin faces many problems but also finds the fun in his challenges. Players feel themselves diving within the world of adventure and have become interested to explore secrets as many as possible. The player has got to affect unseen fighters and a few frightening scenes. 

The player will feel as if he/she is really within the scenes thanks to some awesome graphics and sounds. While playing you'll be passing from lengthy deserts, smoky roads, and old backyards. Tintin didn't do these ventures alone but he makes his friend on the way like Captain Haddock and heroic Sir Francis Haddock. He also tackles with worst and vilest enemies. Â It”™s the preeminent and artistic game which may be enjoyed by the players of each age. This game has full packages of adventure, puzzle, and story.

4. Devil May Cry Pinnacle of Combat
A new mobile version named Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat is released, brings a superb game to the gaming community. With the facility of Unity 3D technology, Yunchang Game will specialize in exploiting the combat system that made up the game’s brand. the sport will still have many extreme fighting scenes and forces the player to make an extended chain of attacks. Besides, with many various sorts of beautiful fighting, players are going to be hard to require their eyes off the phone screen.
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5. Project War Mobile
Project War Mobile's story mode is exclusive to shooters and tells of the zombie SCUM and the way they came to be. Play the role of a Seventh Sanctum soldier as you unravel the mystery of the undead. Watch the action and drama unfold as we update the story every season!
Fight in ranked matches against online players around the world, climbing the ranked ladder to be number 1! Play in classic team deathmatch, where we pit 2 teams of 4 against one another, control, where the teams each attempt to get the foremost amount of your time on the control points, free-for-all, where all 8 players vie for ultimate supremacy, also as various other action-packed game modes we'll introduce in future updates.

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