Top 5 hacking ANDROID apps

Top 5 hacking ANDROID apps

ANDROID is the most popular operating system in the world. Here we are going to show you the list of Top 5 ANDROID Hacking Apps. We have seen various apps that may help you in hacking but first, you need to root your device which is a little difficult for beginners so we are here with the list of some hacking apps in which some need rooted device and some don't need a rooted device.

1. Termux

Termux is one of the great ANDROID application which is used to penetrate testing, hacking websites, and devices. There is no need for programming knowledge but if you know programming language so here you will get some opportunities. It is not a very heavy application, It runs in very low specifications.
Termux enables the user to use the  Linux command lines to install and use various scripts. 

2. Zanti

Zandi is a penetration testing tool kit that allows you to perform malicious attacks on the network you can use the tool to change your device MAC address create a malicious Wi-Fi hotspot exploit routers audit passwords create and run an HTTP server on your Android device scan a device for open ports perform man the middle attacks and check the device for shell shock and SSL poodle vulnerability.

3. Dsploit

Dsploit display is a penetration testing suite for Android and it has a variety of tools for network analysis and man-in-the-middle attacks now in order to install the exploit your device will need root permissions so if you don't have a rooted android device I suggest you go and root your device now and then we can get started so the first thing we need to do is open up our settings and in the settings menu we're going to find security and in the security menu we're going to find unknown sources and we need to make sure that we enable unknown sources so go ahead and tick the box and then when you're prompted go ahead and select ok and what this does is it allows us to download applications from sources other than the Google Play Store.

4. Network mapper

Network mapper is one of the most used applications. You can operate it by command. It is used for hacking and administrator work. Network mapper is developed in python language this tool is used to discover the network of systems and user can find the information of his victim like which operating system he is using, What software is running in his OS. It is for both Mac and WINDOWS.

5. Kali nethunter

Kali nethunter is the same as kali LINUX, you can perform all these things which you can do with Kali LINUX. Kali nethunter is for ANDROID users but to install this Kali nethunter your device should be rooted.
We know the Top 5 hacking ANDROID tools so now you need to know how to use them so we are not going to tell you how to use these apps, you can find tutorials on google.

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