Top 4 Sci-FI movie that can mess with your brain

Top 4 Sci-FI movie that can mess with your brain

We all like to watch movies but if the movie is interesting it made our day awesome. We all like different types of movies like Action, Adventure, Thriller, comedy but there is no category for those movies which mess with our brain, and these types of movies took some time to understand what happened in the whole movie and then we get everything that happened in movie it looks very interesting and we thank the story writer who wrote this store. 

We think of how intelligent he is. Does this happen to you? if yes! so you are in the right place we will tell you Top 4 Sci-Fi movie that can mess with your brain. Let us start without wasting time. 

1. Annihilation

Annihilation is a movie genre thriller and it is directed by Alex Garland. This movie is released on 22 Feb 2018.

Storyline- This movie tells the story of a biologist who joined a mission to know what happened with her husband in area X, It is a mysterious phenomenon that expanded across the whole American coastline. Once inside, they discovered the world of mutated creatures and thrill start from here. 

2. Predestination

Predestination is a science-fiction thriller movie. This movie is directed and written by Peter Spierig and Micheal.
Storyline- A time traveler is trying to defuse a bomb that exploded and burs his face. Someone came and helps him to use his time-traveling device and transported him to hospital in the future, where the agent's facial reconstruction was going on and he revealed he has been trying to prevent the attack of the Fizzle bomber in New York in 1975. After his successful recovery, he got his last assignment and thrill starts from here.

3. Inception

Inception is a physiologic science fiction movie that can really mess with your brain. This movie is directed and written by Christopher Nolen and his wife also helped him. It was released on 8 July 2010.
Storyline- Domm Cobb was a thief with an amazing ability to enter people's dreams with a device and steal their's secrets from their subconscious. This ability cost his love from him, but the only thing he has was his son and daughter but he never meets with them once. But he got an impossible task to enter in businessman's dreams to change his idea if he succeeds so he will go back to his son and daughter, wait but his enemy anticipates Cobb's every move if he died in dreams so he can't wake up in his whole life and thrill starts from here. 

4. Interstellar

Intersteller is the epic science fiction movie. It is also written by Jonathan Nolan. This movie is released in 26 october 2014.
Storyline- This movie's story is very interesting. In mid-21st-century crop blights and dust storms are slowly rendering the planet Earth, brilliant NASA physicist Brand made a plan to save population by transporting peoples to a new home by a wormhole. But first, he sends Cooper(NASA Pilot) and a team of the researcher through the galaxy to find which three planets are could be people's new home and thrill starts from here.  

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