This device generating Electricity from Rain

This device generating Electricity from Rain

Renewable sources are used to meet power needs in remote areas. After solar energy and wind energy, researchers were trying to produce electricity from rain for a long time and now they have also got success in it. Researchers have now developed a generator that can generate electricity from water droplets. You will be surprised to know that this system can light 100 small LED bulbs with one drop. Regarding this, some scientists say that all the generators that were made earlier were generating many times less electricity than this.

This is how this technique works

Aluminum electrode and indium tin op said electrode has been used to make this new generator. Above this is the layer of PTFE material (tin surface). When a drop of waterfalls on this surface, electricity is produced. In the event of heavy rainfall, it will continue to generate electricity.     

Will be used in these places

According to the online technology news website Engadget's report, it can be used everywhere where waterfalls or rains rapidly. It can also be used in boats (boats) operating on electric power and this can increase their range.

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