Moto Razr's top lamination separated from screen

Moto Razr's top lamination separated from screen

Motorola's foldable smartphone Moto Razr has encountered a strange problem. The top lamination of this phone was separated from the screen, even when the phone was in the user's pocket. Complainant Raymond Wong has stated that his moto razor's display is separated from the laminated layer. Surprisingly, 45 minutes he traveled on the train and at that time this phone was in his front pocket, after which this problem came to light.

Let us tell you that after using Moto Razr for about a week, such a flaw is surprising. So far it has not been clear what has actually happened because there is no visible damage on the phone.

Display deteriorated by opening and closing the phone

It has been said in the report that the screen of the phone crumbled from one end of the hinge to the other end in a strange way. Apart from this, the damage increased with the folding and unfolding of the phone. Raymond Wong stated that this was not caused by external scratch or force.

Motorola responded

Motorola has said on this issue that they have full faith in the display of their razor phones and they do not even expect such a problem on the phone. They have tested its temperature. It can operate between -20 ° C to 60 ° C. If the customer encounters any problem even at the right temperature during normal use, then it will be covered within the standard warranty.

Foldable phones are proving weak in the durability test

The Moto Roger phone costs around $ 1,500 (about Rs 1,07,000). In such a situation, it is clear that foldable smartphones have been launched in the market with such hardware that they need to be maintained more than ordinary smartphones. Apart from this, they have proved to be weak in durability tests conducted on them in terms of strength.

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