24 unsafe apps deleted by Google

24 unsafe apps deleted by Google

Cyber ​​Criminals these days are ready to defraud the common people and for this, they try new ways. Recently, 24 such apps have been detected which can prove to be very dangerous for Android users. VPN Pro, a VPN solution provider company, in one of its reports, has advised deleting these 24 apps from your device immediately. These apps spy on users and also steal the user's data.

Downloading of apps done millions of times

The most surprising thing is that these apps have been downloaded 38.2 million times so far. The list of these apps also includes some popular apps. Sensing the danger, Google has removed these apps from the Play Store. However, if these apps are installed on your phone too, then there is a dire need to remove them immediately.

List of unsafe apps

These apps include apps like World Zoo, World Crush, Puzzle Box, Music ROM, Dig It, Virus Cleaner 2019, Super Cleaner, Turbo Power, Super Battery, High Security 2019, Private Browser and Nat Master. Apart from these, Weather Forecast, Sound Recorder, Free VPN, File Manager, Candy Calendar, and Candy Selfie Camera Apps have also been included in the list of unsafe apps.

What if one of them is installed in your phone?

As we discussed that these apps are not good for our smartphones because it steals data without knowing. If you have one of them, then delete it now. we don't know how much your data it leaked but if you uninstall it so it can't steal your data even Google removed these apps from GOOGLE play store. 

What kind of data leaked

It is not told what kind of data they were stealing but it is estimated that they were stealing your contact information. They are unsafe for Android device but there is no information about what kind of data they took away.

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