12 reason why Pubg is shit? PUBG vs FREE FIRE

12 reason why Pubg is shit? PUBG vs FREE FIRE

According to me, there is only 4 trending game in India named Free fire, PUBG, Clash of Clans, and Minecraft. But battle royal games are the favorite of the gamers.

70.% of the children like to play shooting games because there is joy and you can paly with your team. They can call their friends to play FREE FIRE or PUBG but if half of your friends play FREE FIRE and half of them play PUBG so it will be very difficult to choose a better game which will give you a better experience and better performance in your smartphone, So welcome here we will tell you about both games which will a better option for you.

Game Theme

Both are survival and shooting games. In both you jumped from an Iceland you need to find a weapon and aim to stay in-play zone. Your primary aim is surviving, you can hide, ambush, sniping and can loot legendary drop.  

Both games have the same theme. So do not worry, to a large extent both will give you the same experience but both are not the same as to same both have the same theme but a lot of portion is not the same in both games which we described below.



According to Google trends, Free Fire is the most popular game worldwide. Most of the players love Free Fire because it is easy to play run in every low-end device. Designing and texture are very nice.

Why FREE FIRE is Popular?

FREE FIRE is the best option for those people who have low-end smartphones, FREE FIRE is only and only game which will give a better performance in low-end smartphones. It is well customized for low-end smartphones. 



2,38,87,931 rated PUBG 4.4 whereas 3,89,34,761 rated FREE FIRE as 4.3. Here we can see the popularity of FREE FIRE but the user didn't give a good rating for FREE FIRE. 

Why FREE FIRE has a low rating than PUBG?

  • Lots of FREE FIRE users rated the game but not 5 stars I do not know why they did not rate it 5 stars but we discussed some reasons.
  • FREE FIRE is the best game for low-end smartphones but its sensitivity is not very smooth which made it irritative. In a close-range, it always irritates when a player revolves around you then aiming to become very difficult.
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  • FREE FIRE is the most downloaded game than PUBG because of lots users play FREE FIRE and its size is very low. Whereas PUBG user s are few and most of the users share it with another smartphone. The size of the PUBG is very high we need to use our all daily data to download it.


  • Graphics of PUBG are realistic whereas FREE FIRE has animated graphics. PUBG is a very heavy game even sometimes it lags high specification smartphones. FREE FIRE can easily run in every device there is no lag problem. 
  • The given graphics in FREE FIRE is animated so it can easily run in any device. According to the game size, FREE FIRE gives a better performance than PUBG.

Game Size

Winner- FreeFire
  • FREE FIRE is very small in size and it gives a better performance in all devices even PUBG can't give this type of performance. The user also pays attention to the size.
  • Sometimes the user did not install PUBG because they did not have data to download such a big game. Whereas FREE FIRE is not a big game so a new user can easily download it.

Character Abilities

winner- FREE FIRE
  • FREE FIRE offers us unique features which are not present in the other games, FREE FIRE has different characters with different abilities like punch power, running speed and many more interesting abilities.
  • PUBG is a simple game there is no ability in players(characters). All players are the same, with no punching power, no sprinting ability, and no jumping ability. Here only one thing matter that is playing skill. 

Glitch and hackers

  • There are few glitch and hacker in FREE FIRE. It's very rare or impossible to meet with a hacker during the game whereas there always 2-3 hackers in the PUBG emulator lobby.  
  • FREE FIRE I swell customized games and its time to time ban users if it found any suspicious activity, so there is no hacker in this game. 
  • Glitch and bugs are removed in every new update of  PUBG and FREE FIRE. Day by date bugs and glitches are reducing.

Game Map

  • A map is the main part of gaming if the map is fully customized or bigs it gives a better experience, it gives an opportunity to fetch new places.
  • FREE FIRE's map is very smaller than PUBG only 50 players jump at a time so a map should be smaller. That is why FREE FIRE has a small map.

Match time

  • FREE FIRE has less match time than PUBG. Here a match ends within 15-20 minutes. Here only 50 players so you can finish up your whole match in 10-15 minutes. 
  • Whereas in PUBG, it took about 30 minutes to finish a match. 100 players are in a PUBG game and the map is big so it about a half-hour to complete a match. We can play 2 matches of FREE FIRE in 30 minutes. 

My conclusion

Both are legendary games but we have to choose only one because you can't play both at a time. I prefer that if you have a low-end smartphone with 1 or 2 GB RAM and you want a better performance so go and download FREE FIRE. It will give you better performance than PUBG.

If you have a smartphone with high-end specifications so you can download PUBG sometimes it lags in 4GB RAM because their processor is not made to do gaming.

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