New Game From PUBG - Prologue

New Game From PUBG - Prologue

New Game From PUBG - Prologue

Brendan Greene creator of PUBG(Player Unknown Battleground) revealed a teaser of his brand new game named "Prologue".

Before PUBG no one knows about battle royal games but after releasing PUBG everybody knows what are battle royal games. PUBG is everywhere. 80% of streamers are streaming PUBG on YouTube, and also it is in our mobiles and our friends too.

PUBG changes the gaming world and Brenden Greene's life too. After releasing his PUBG game Brenden Greene has been enjoying massive income from his carrier. His company created a net worth of $4.6 Billion and it is estimated that Branden Greene has $200 Million worth.       

What is in the teaser

In this teaser, it shown that our main hero is in the stormy forest, he begins to panic as they begin to hear the sound of barking dogs. It is a very short teaser given by Player Unknown production.

The trailer is very short because it may be a marketing strategy to create a hype in peoples. The short trailer is given to create suspense in gamers. it will excite you to know what's next, what will come in this game.

It is not PUBG-2, it is a new game that is not the same as PUBG it will come in the market with a new concept and it will give new user experience so be ready for this. 

What's new in the Prologue

Brenden Greene said that It will give us a new gaming experience and it is based on the new gaming technology.

This game will give the player a unique and memorable experience each and every time when we play. This game will come with a new gaming concept.

Artificial intelligence is used to creates dynamic effects and gave a new or unique experience in each new gameplay.   

Launching Date

Officially It is not announced. But it will come soon. Stay connected.

Quick review

I found a very interesting news on a new game which is set to launch from Player Unknown company (PUBG). The name of this game is Prologue which promises to provide new technology in gaming with dynamic gameplay and things that you have never seen before in gaming. The teaser of this game is showing a dense forest with heavy rainfall and possibly the hero of this game with heavy breathing. Let's wait for this game :)

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