god of war for ppsspp-Play it in ANDROID Highly compressed file

god of war for ppsspp-Play it in ANDROID Highly compressed file

God of war is the best single-player game and it is made for PSP but after downloading this emulator you can play it in Android device. So let's begin all steps

How to Run it in Android

1. Download ppsspp, the link is given below   

2. Now download the game(God of war Ghost f Sparta). 

It is a compressed file you need to extract it first.

3. Extract file with this app, given below

4. Open the extracted file with ppsspp emulator and enjoy the game.

About God of War 

God of war is a single-player and an adventure game. It is developed by Ready at down and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was released in November 2010.

At first, it was for PSP. It is based on Greek mythology. The user controls the main character of this game named Kratos.  


The Oracle anticipated that the death of Olympus would come not from the Titans; yet by a Marked Warrior, a human. The Olympian Gods Zeus and Ares accepted this warrior to be Deimos, sibling of Kratos, because of his bizarre skin colorations. 

Ares attacks a town of Sparta and interferes with the youth preparing of Kratos and Deimos, with Athena available to look out for him, and grabs Deimos. 

Kratos endeavors to stop Ares, however, is cleared aside and scarred over his correct eye by the vicious Olympian. 

Ares gets ready to murder the youthful Kratos for assaulting him. Athena stops Ares and discloses to him they desired the Marked Warrior, not to take the kid's life. 

Taken to the Domain of Death, Deimos is detained and tormented by the God of Death, Thanatos. 

A long time later, Kratos, the Ghost of Sparta, has crushed and killed Ares and had his spot as the new God of War on Mount Olympus. 

Still spooky by dreams of his human past, Kratos chooses - against the exhortation of the Goddess Athena - to investigate his past and goes to the Temple of Poseidon, situated inside the city of Atlantis. 

Notwithstanding Poseidon's earnest attempts to avoid Kratos from arriving at his city, including sending the beast Scylla, Kratos arrives at Atlantis. 

After a progression of encounters, Kratos slaughters Scylla. Kratos, in the long run, finds his weak mother, Callisto, who endeavors to uncover to him the character of his dad. Kratos just hears feeble and blackout clamors.

yet she figures out how to reveal to him that his sibling is alive and tormented in Death's Domain, yet that he first needs to go to Ares' sanctuary in Sparta. 

At the point when Callisto is all of a sudden changed into a repulsive mammoth, Kratos is compelled to fight her. 

Prior to kicking the bucket, Callisto says thanks to Kratos and implores him to search out his sibling Deimos. 

He additionally experiences and liberates the caught Titan Thera, which causes a flood that pulverizes Atlantis. 

In his voyage to Sparta, he additionally meets the Grave Digger once more, who cautions him not to estrange the Gods. 

While going through the Aronia Pass, Kratos meets Erinys, Thanatos' little girl. 

He battles and slaughters Erinys, and lands in Sparta where he is adulated by the individuals. 

While on his way to the Temple of Ares he observes a gathering of Spartans, drove by the Last Spartan, tearing down a statue of Ares to supplant it with one of Kratos. 

Kratos then goes to the Jails of Sparta where he pursues a dissident faithful to Ares who attempts to execute Kratos by discharging the Piraeus Lion. 

In any case, Kratos battles and slaughters the two adversaries. He comes back to the Temple of Ares and after an experience with an apparition like the type of his more youthful self, he learns he should come back to Atlantis and discover Death's Domain.

Kratos then acknowledges his previous weapons, the Arms of Sparta, as a blessing from the Last Spartan, and leaves. 

After Kratos leaves Sparta, he comes back to Atlantis yet when his ship moves nearer to the submerged city, followers of Poseidon sink Kratos' ship and execute the team. 

After almost suffocating, a statue of Poseidon controlled by the Sea God himself tells the Spartan he will pay for sinking his realm and he won't overlook this occasion.

Kratos then crosses through the city's ruin and in the end finds the Gateway to Death's Domain. 

Entering Death's Domain, Kratos in the long run finds and liberates his detained sibling Deimos. Incensed with Kratos' inability to safeguard him sooner, Deimos says he will never excuse Kratos, and assaults him, just to have Thanatos mediate.

Taking Deimos to the Suicide Bluffs, Deimos nearly tumbles off the precipice. Kratos spares his sibling, and the two accommodate. 

In the wake of giving Deimos the Arms of Sparta, Kratos and Deimos battle Thanatos together. During the battle, Thanatos changes into a dark beast and slaughters Deimos, however is then decimated by a rankled Kratos. 

Kratos then conveys the body of his fallen sibling up the mountain where the confounding Grave Digger (who previously had a grave arranged) covers Deimos, with Kratos utilizing the Arms of Sparta as a grave marker. 

The Ghost of Sparta at that point goes to the Suicide Bluffs where, after quickly contemplating suicide, he asks himself "By the divine beings, what have I become?" 

Athena endeavors to lift Kratos to full Godhood just to have the Spartan prevent her from doing as such. 

Kratos then comes back to Olympus expressing the divine beings will pay for what they have done. 

As Kratos returns, Athena discreetly asks "Pardon me...brother", denoting the first run through Athena recognizes they are kin. 

In a post-credits scene, the Grave Digger is demonstrated laying Callisto to her grave, saying "Now, just one stays." A third grave is seen, suggested to have been burrowed for Kratos. 

The scene movements to Kratos on his position of authority, wearing his recently produced covering, incensed and resolved to correct retaliation on the Gods. 

It is generally accepted that this paves the way to the start of God of War II, as Kratos, driven by the anger of the loss of his sibling and mom, drives the Spartans into an awful fight to assume control over the city of Rhodes. 

Zeus, who has been harmed wildly with Fear subsequent to seeing Kratos murder the God of Death, later deceives Kratos and executes him, satisfying his explanation that he was going to slaughter the rest of the individual in the family he ought to have never made.

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