Call of duty modern warfare 3 system requirements

Call of duty modern warfare 3 system requirements

System Requirements
OS: 7/8/10
RAM: 2GB or higher
HDD: 16GB or higher
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600
Video card: NVIDIA GetForce 860OTG or higher

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (also called Call of Duty: MW3) is a first-individual shooter computer game, created by Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games, with help from Raven Software and Treyarch, and distributed by Activision. The game was released in November 2011 for Microsoft Windows, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It is the third and last portion in the first Modern Warfare adventure, an immediate spin-off of 2009's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and the eighth Call of Duty portion by and large.
A different rendition for the Nintendo DS was created by n-Space, while Treyarch built up the game's Wii port. In Japan, Square Enix distributed the game with a different subtitled and named adaptation.

Game Achievements
Present day Warfare 3 got positive audits from pundits. It won the honor for Best Shooter at the 2011 Spike Video Game Awards. It was additionally a huge business achievement. Inside 24 hours of going marked down, the game sold 6.5 million duplicates in the United States and United Kingdom and netted $400 million, making it the greatest amusement dispatch ever (at the time).[5][6][7] While Modern Warfare 3 was the last portion for the first Modern Warfare timetable, another course of events started with the arrival of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in late 2019, a delicate reboot of the sub-arrangement.

Not long after executing General Shepherd, Nikolai takes Price and Soap to a safehouse in India. Doctors endeavor to recuperate Soap while Makarov's powers storm the safehouse to murder the trio. Nikolai's best trooper, Yuri, kick-begins Soap's heart by giving him an adrenaline shot. They at that point attempt to discover an extraction point to leave the nation. They discover that they are the main residual individuals from Task Force 141. In the interim, it appears to be World War III has kicked into full apparatus. A further crew, Delta Force Metal, holds off the Russian intrusion of Manhattan by devastating a sticking pinnacle in the Stock Exchange and utilizing a Russian submarine against its own armada. 

Russian President Boris Vorchevsky declares his arrangements to make harmony with the US in Hamburg. Be that as it may, Makarov and his men commandeer the plane in transit, abducting the President and intending to catch his little girl, Alena, who he intends to torment so as to acquire the Russian atomic dispatch codes. Cleanser, Yuri, and Price, with assistance from MacMillan, pursue Makarov to an arms bargain in Sierra Leone. They come up short at preventing the load from being appropriated to Paris, Berlin, and London.

A SAS unit is sent to stop this freight, however finds a bait, while the genuine load, a biochemical weapon, is exploded in London. These concoction assaults cripple the British guards, making a Russian attack simpler. Group Metal is sent to recuperate the US Vice President. After this, they are sent to Paris to find a bomb-producer, Volk. They battle their way to an exfil point with help from an AC-130 gunship. A besieging run intended to dispose of Russian powers topples the Eiffel Tower. Team 141 finds Makarov at The Hotel Lustig, where a gathering will before long happen.
They get together with Kamarov, a Loyalist and pioneer of the opposition. Cost and Kamarov endeavor to invade the lodging with Soap and Yuri offering help, yet Kamarov is kidnapped and stayed with explosives. Value gets away from the inn just before the blast, and Makarov calls Yuri a companion, uncovering they had known one another. Makarov knew Yuri and Soap would pick the overwatch position, and it detonates too. 

They keep away from the blast by hopping to the ground, yet Soap's damage revives and he is injured.

In the wake of getting away to a safehouse, Soap enlightens Price concerning Yuri and Makarov's relationship in his withering minutes. An offended Price requests Yuri to clarify how he knows Makarov at gunpoint.

Yuri was a Ultranationalist and Makarov's correct hand man. He was with Makarov and Zakhaev at a few key occasions, incorporating Price's death endeavor with MacMillan, Makarov's explosion of the nuke, and the air terminal slaughter, which he fruitlessly attempted to stop. Value chooses to trust Yuri. Group Metal endeavors to turn away a Ultranationalist capturing of Alena Vorshevsky, which comes up short.

 Group Metal and 141 dispatch a joint strategic salvage Vorshevsky and his little girl from Makarov's men. While 141 escapes on a helicopter, Grinch, Sandman, and Truck, individuals from Metal, remain behind to cover the helicopter and are murdered, yet the President and his girl are protected, finishing the war.
A quarter of a year later, Price and Yuri track Makarov to the Hotel Oasis. They ambush the inn in EOD protective layer. On the rooftop, Makarov attempts to escape on a helicopter, yet Price commits, executing the pilot and co-pilot, and getting the helicopter on the rooftop. As Makarov is going to execute Price, Yuri occupies him and is murdered, allowing Price to strike. He ties a metal link around Makarov's neck and punches through the glass floor, hanging Makarov and executing him. The game closures with Price hauling out and lighting a stogie.

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